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Slate is a strong, hardwearing, bold and unique natural stone. This earthy stone radiates warmth. Try using a matte finish to create a sophisticated look in your kitchen design with slate. Slate can be rustic and romantic or sleek and refined, depending on the slate color and surface finish you choose. Slate is non porous so the maintenance is fairly simple. Slate is a hardwearing and bold natural stone which will leave a life long lasting impression.

Where to Use Slate

Slate is highly resistant to the acids found in lemons, alcohol, and cleaning products. These acids won't etch the surface of your natural stone, which makes slate stone ideal for use in your kitchen. Slate's main uses include roofing and flooring. This non slippery natural stone slate is perfect for flooring applications. Otherslate uses include slate backsplashes, slate sinks,slate islands, and slate countertops.

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